Workday HCM & Functional




Core Concepts and Navigation of Workday

Important Terminologies in Workday

Business Objects, Data Sources, Fields and Instances

Primary BO, Related BO, Types of Fields based on Data Storage & based on Delivery

Report Writing

Overview and Introduction

Planning and Approach

Workday Delivered Reports

Custom Reports and the Types

Creating all types of Reports

Advanced features of Reporting

How to create Complex Advanced & Matrix Reports

Calculated Fields

Overview of Calculated Field

Authorizations required to create Calculated Fields

How to check Available Calculated Fields

How to check Calculated Fields based on Business Object

Copying of an existing Calculated Field

Creating New Calculated Field

Working with Logical Calculated Fields

Working with Text Function Types

Working with Calculated Fields in Related Business Objects

Working with All functions of Calculated Field


What is XML

What we should know &Why should we Learn

Understanding of XML

What is XSLT

How to Create XSLT without using single line of coding effort

How to download XML of a Report from Workday

How to Create and Test XSLT

EIB Integration

Pre-Requisites of Outbound EIB

Outbound EIB

Spreadsheet template for Inbound EIB

Identification of Fields and updating Spreadsheet

Inbound EIB

Business Process

Business Process Overview

Business Process Framework

Business Process Configuration

Business Process Functionality

Business Process and Sub processes

Deploying Business Processes

Workday Security

Workday Security Overview

Configurable Security

Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies

Security Groups

Modifying Domain Security Policy

Modifying Business Process Security Policy

Cloud Connector (Core Connector & Document Transformation)

Overview of Core Connector and Document Transformation

Integration Architecture Overview

Workday Connectors

Integration System Templates

Core Connector: Worker

Integration System Services

Integration System Attributes

Integration System Field Attributes

Integration System Field Overrides

Integration Sequence Generator

Change Detection

Integration Transaction Log

Integration Business Process

Integration System Security User

Document Retrieval Service

Document Transformation Integration System

Document Transformation Integration XSLT Formatting

Document Transformation and Web Services

Payroll Integration, PICOF

Workday Studio

What is Workday Studio

Pre-requisites for Workday Studio

How to download and Install Workday Studio

Familiarizing with Workday Studio

Components of Workday Studio

Creating Simple Integrations using Workday Studio

Creating complex Integrations using Workday Studio

How to get connected with Tenant

Deploying & Launching the Project

Testing Integrati

HCM Functional

Organizations in Workday

Supervisory Organizations

Managing Supervisory Organizations

Organization Hierarchies

Staffing Models

Jobs and Positions


Resume Preparation

Interview Questions Bank