Web sphere Administration 5.X/6.X Course
Detailed architecture WAS 5.x/6.x
Difference between 5x and 6x
Introduction to various topologies available for configuring a WAS product
Installing WAS on various platforms like Windows, UNIX
Configuring iplanet Webserver and IBM Http Server to load balance for WAS
Trouble shooting the Websphere application server and applications
Applying maintenance packages to keep the environment at the recommended fix
level of WAS
Problem determination and Performance monitoring of WAS architecture.
Using all the features available in the WebSphere Administrative Console
Understanding the Session Management configuration options in WAS
Configuring the WebSphere Resources within the admin console
Deploying new applications in WAS
Understanding the command line administration
Unix Concepts and commands
Writing scripts
Installing iplanet and apache on UNIX
Java Concepts
Web Server Administration
iPlanet Webserver and apache/http server administration
Installation and configuration of webservers
Installation of plugins for Websphere and Web logic