Weblogic Server

Weblogic Server Basics
1. Overview of Weblogic
2. WebLogic Directory Structure.
3. The config.xml File
4. Starting and Stopping Weblogic Server
5. Architecture of WebLogic Server
6. Weblogic Providing Services
7. J2EE Services Overview
The Administration Console
1. Overview of the Administration Console
2. Domain Configuration
3. Server Configuration
Hands On: Installing of Weblogic Server 10.3.x, Creation of domains, Starting and Stopping the
servers, J2EE Service Configurations.
Introduction Weblogic Managed Servers and Clusters
1. What is a cluster?
2. Communications in a Cluster
3. Cluster -Wide JNDI Tree
4. Configuring Clusters
5. Node Manager
6. Deploying Applications to a Cluster
7. Creating a Cluster
8. Starting the Cluster
9. Deploying an Application to the Cluster
10. Testing the Deploying
11. Overview on SNMP
Cluster and Remote Services
1. Adding a Remote Server to the Cluster
2. Starting the Cluster
3. Deploying an Application to the Cluster
4. Testing the Deployment
Hands On: Creation of managed Server in Multi OS, Creation of Cluster, Configuring Cluster, Starting the
Managed Server, Starting the Cluster, Cluster Deployment etc.
JNDI and JMS Resources
1. What is JMS?
2. JMS Models
3. Creating a JMS Servers
4. Configuring JMS with Servcies
5. JMS Server Settings
6. JMS servers, JMS queues, JMS topics
7. JMS connection factories
8. JMS distributed destination
9. JMS Persistent Store –JMS File Store, JMS JDBC Store
10. Foreign JMS Server Configuration
11. Overview on JMS Message Bridges.
Configuring Weblogic resources
1. Connection Pools and Data Sources
2. Configuring Data Sources
3. Data Source Settings
4. Multi Data Sources
5. Virtual Hosting in Web logic
Hands On: Creating JMS servers , JMS modules , Queues, Connection factories, Distributed queues. Configuring
JDBC connection pools,Data Source, Multi-Data sources, Data Source Factory and Testing with Applications
1. J2EE Web Applications ,EJB Applications
2. Settings in the web.xml File
3. Example web.xml
4. Deploying a Web Application
5. J2EE Enterprise Applications
6. Guidelines for Enterprise Java Beans
7. Stateless Session Beans
8. Stateful Session Beans
9. Entity Beans
10. Message Driven Beans
11. Settings in the application.xml File
12. Example of application.xml
13. Deploying an Enterprise Application
14. Deploying an Enterprise Application
15. Auto Deployment
16. Command line Deployment via Commands
Security and Threads Concepts in Weblogic
1. Security Concepts
2. Managing Users
3. Managing Groups
4. Managing User Lockouts
5. Setting Minimum Password Length
6. WebLogic Security
7. Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)
8. Configuring SSL
9. Execute Threads in Weblogic Services
10. Threading Services in Weblogic
Monitoring and Performance Tuning and Trouble Shooting
1. General Information
2. Server Performance
3. User Logins
4. Transactions
5. Connection Pools
6. Work Managers
7. JMS Destinations
8. JVM Performance – SunSDK
9. JVM Performance – JRockit ,Garbage Collector
10. Techniques to Fix Server Crash problems
11. Various Types of Log File for Trouble Shooting
12. Backup Configurations for weblogic Environment
13. Upgrading the version of Weblogic Sever
14. Discussing Differences Between Weblogic Server 8.1,9x and 10.3 versions
Third party Monitoring Tools
1. Jprofiler and Jprobe
2. Integrating Third party monitoring tools like Jprofiler, Jprobe with the Weblogic Server
Command line Utility
1. WLST -Weblogic scripting Tool
Hands on: On the above topics
Public Key / Private Key Encryption
Secure Communication Over The Web –
SSL And WebLogic Server
Creating A Digital Certificate
Dealing With A CA
Configuring WebLogic Server SSL:
Configure WebLogic SSL Settings
Configuring WebLogic Server SSL:
Setting A Listen Port
Webserver Plug-Ins
1. Overview of Plug-Ins
2. Integration of Apache Web Server with Web logic Server Configuration
Hands on: On the above topics
WLST: The WebLogic Scripting Tool
WLST Details
Starting WLST
Simple WLST Commands
WLST Is Hierarchical
Navigating WLST
Other WLST Commands
Scripting With WLST
Recording WLST Scripts
Configure Recording
Start Recording
Sample Recorded Script