1. Overview of SOA – Service Oriented Architecture
  2. Overview of WCF Architecture
  3. Tenets of WCF Service
  4. Building Simple WCF Service and deploying in IIS
  5. Other hosting options for WCF service
  6. Types of Contracts (Service Contract, Operation Contract)
  7. Passing complex data using Data Contract and Message Contracts
  8. Instancing Modes and Other Service Behaviors.
  9. Known Types in WCF Service
  10. Concurrency – Single, Multiple and Reentrant
  11. Defining and Implementing a One-way Operation Contract
  12. Implementing Callback Contract
  13. Versioning in WCF – Impact of making changing to WCF Service Contract and

Operation Contracts.

  1. End Points and ABC’s of WCF Service
  2. Types of Bindings and their importance
  3. Exceptions and Fault handling in WCF Service
  4. Callback and One way Communication
  5. Implementing Transactions in WCF
  6. MSMQ – Asynchronous server and client communication
  7. Security in WCF.