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Tibco Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is an intense stage that is utilized for inferring significant business bits of knowledge. It is a venture class investigation stage that has astounding information perception and revelation includes that makes getting data from information so much simple.

Course Overview:

Spotfire Analytics responds faster than BI and more flexibly than spreadsheets, equipping everyone in enterprise — whether in business, technical, or scientific roles — to easily analyze complex data, customize their discovery experience, and share their story through portals or interactive dashboards. Spotfire Analytics delivers a unique combination of powerful analytics and an engaging visual experience that is both powerful and intuitive.


Empower those with the business knowledge to ask and answer their own questions – from anywhere. TIBCO Spotfire makes it easy to build and deploy reusable analytic applications over the web or perform pure ad-hoc analytics, driven on-the-fly by your own knowledge, intuition, and desire to answer the next question. Spotfire analytics does all this by letting you interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. Ultimately you will reach faster insights with Spotfire and bring clarity to business issues or opportunities in a way that gets all the decision-makers on the same page quickly.

 Course Content:-

  1. Spotfire Basic Skills
    • Understanding Visualization of Spotfire
    • Performing Data Filtering
    • Learning More through Data Drill-Dow
  1. The Underlying Data
    • Expected Format of a Data Table
    • Loading Data using an Information Link
    • Opening New Data
  1. Adding data from different data sources into Spotfire
  2. Pages Getting Started with Visualizations in Spotfire
    • Properties of Table
    • Properties of Bar Charts
    • Interpreting Bar Charts
    • Properties of Line Charts
    • Interpreting Line Charts
    • More Visualizations
  1. Filters in Spotfire
    • Filter Type
    • Changing Filter Types
    • Filtering Display Options
    • Organizing Filters
    • Defining Filtering Schemes
  1. Drill-Down
    • Highlighting Items
    • Details Visualizations
    • Multiple Markings
  1. Saving and Exporting
    • Saving a Spotfire File
    • Exporting Data from Spotfire
    • Exporting Visualizations from Spotfire
  1. More Visualization Types
    • Combination Charts
    • Combination Chart Introduction
    • Combination Chart Properties
    • Using Combination Charts
  1. Scatter Plots
    • Scatter Plot Introduction
    • Scatter Plot Properties
    • Using Scatter Plots
  1. 3D Scatter Plots
    • 3D Scatter Plot lntroduction
    • 3D Scatter Plot Properties
    • Using 3D Scatter Plots
  1. Pie Charts
    • Pie Chart lntroduction
    • Pie Chart Properties
    • Using Pie Chart
  1. Summary Tables
    • Summary Table lntroduction
    • Summary Table Properties
    • Using Summary Tables
  1. Cross Tables
    • Cross Table Introduction
    • Cross Table Properties
    • Using Cross Tables
  2. Graphical Tables
    • Graphical Table Introduction
    • Graphical Table Properties
    • Using Graphical Tables
  1. Map Charts
    • Map Chart lntroduction
    • Map Chart Properties
    • Using Map Charts
  1. Parallel Coordinate Plots
    • Parallel Coordinate Plot lntroduction
    • Parallel Coordinate Plot Properties
    • Using Parallel Coordinate Plots
  1. Tree Maps
    • Treemap Introduction
    • Treemap Properties
    • Using Treemaps
  1. Box Plots
    • Box Plot Introduction
    • Box Plot Properties
    • Using Box Plots
  1. Heat Maps
    • Heat Map Introduction
    • Heat Map Properties
    • Using Heat Maps
  1. Coloring
    • Color Modes
    • Color Break Points
    • Coloring Rules
    • Coloring in Tables Cross Tables and Heat Maps
    • More Coloring Features
  1. Adding Data to an Existing Analysis
    • Adding New Rows to a Data Table
    • Adding New Columns to a Data Table
    • Adding New Data Tables
  1. Transformations
    • Pivot, Unpivot
    • Calculate and Replace Column
    • Calculate New Column
    • Change Column Names
    • Change Data Types
    • Exclude Column
    • Normalization
  1. Using Tags
  2. Using Lists
  3. Capturing your Analysis
    • Bookmarks
    • Adding and Applying Bookmarks
  1. Deriving More Information from Raw Data
    • Calculated Columns
    • Custom Expressions
  1. OVER Expressions
    • OVER in Calculated Columns
    • OVER in Custom Expressions
    • Terms to use in OVER Expressions
  2. Limiting Data in Visualizations
    • Limiting Data Using Markings
    • Limiting Data Using Filtering
    • Limiting Data Using Expression
  3. Lines & Curves
  4. Hierarchical Clustering
  5. Data Relationships
  6. K-Means Clustering
  7. Line Similiarity
  8. Regression Modelling
  9. Classification Modelling
  10. Opening Data using an lnformation Link
  11. Loading Data on Demand
  12. Markings
    • Details on-Demand
    • Drill-down
    • Different Markings
  13. Text Areas
    • Editing the Text Area
    • Creating Links to Website
    • Adding Filter Controls
    • Adding Action Controls
    • Adding Property Controls
    • Adding Dynamic Items
  1. Publishing Analyses to TlBCO Spotfire Web Player
  2. Export features
  • Export Data/Visualizations to various formats


  1. Information Designer
    • lnformation Link
    • Setting up data source
  1. lnformation Links
    • Creating an lnformation Link
    • Adding Elements to the lnformation Link
    • Specifying Join Path
    • Specifying Description
    • Adding Filters and Prompts
    • Showing Parameters
    • Saving the lnformation Link
    • Viewing and Editing SQL Paths
  1. Library Administration
  • Detailed explanation
  • Managing Imports and Exports
  • Managing Access to folders
  1. Administration Manager
  • Detailed explanation
  • Creating Users
  • Licenses
  • Preferences
  • Managing Groups


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