SAP Webdynpro

Day 1
MVC architecture
Web dynpro component structure
A simple application to display a “Hello World” message
Explaining the concept of Component Controller, View, Window
Hook methods(The meaning of each method and the order of execution)
Node, Attribute, Context mapping
Simple example to show how to write the code and where, for given requirement.
Multiple Views,window in the same component
View Navigation, inboud and outboubnd plugs
Day 2
Table UI element to display data.
Displaying Error, success and warning message.
Important UI elements for specific purpose.
Full cycle to save the data through OOPs concept(Persistant class, Service Call etc.)
ALV (Component Usage).
select option (Component Usage).
Day 3
Internationalization concept.
Application navigation.
Dynamic UI Generation
SAP interactive forms (If possible).
Day 4
FPM Basics
Different types of FPM
Handling navigation in FPM
Other important aspects of FPM
Day 5
Hand on
Review session
Creating small business applications