Oracle DBA with RAC


1) What is a ClusterOracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

2) Advantage of using RAC

3) Clusters High Availability, Scalability and Performance

4) Oracle Real Application Clusters Architecture

5) Cache fusion

6) Multi instance transaction behavior

7) Extra background process in RAC

Installation of Oracle Clusterware (CRS) and configuration

1) Oracle RAC 10g Installation

2) Pre-Installation Tasks

3) Hardware Requirements

4) Network Requirements

5) The oracle User Environment Setup & User Shell Limits

6) Linux Operating System Parameters

7) Cluster Setup Tasks

8) Storage for Cluster

9) Oracle Cluster Registry File

10) Voting Disk File

11) Verifying the Oracle Clusterware Installation

12) Cluster verify utility (CLUVFY)

ASM with RAC

1) ASM Overview

2) Installation of ASM Instances

3) Managing ASM Disk Groups and Instances.

4) ASM Instance and Crash Recovery in RAC.

RAC Software Installation & Database Creation

1) Oracle database software installation

2) Cluster database creation

3) Post installation tasks

Oracle Clusterware Administration & Debugging

1) Oracle Cluster registry (OCR)

2) Voting disk

3) VIP Addresses

4) Debugging Clusterware log files

5) Workload distribution

6) Transparent application failover

RAC Administration

1) Starting and Stopping RAC Instances

2) Creating and Registering Instances

3) Transparent Application Failover (TAF)

4) Database files with RAC

5) Initialization Parameter Files

6) Trace & Alert logs.

7) Undo management

8) Temporary table space monitoring

RAC Services

1) What is a Service

2) Advantage of using service

3) Possible service configuration

4) Creation and maintenance of services using SRVCTL, DBCA,EM

5) Statistics gathering and tracing to check performance of Services

6) Service performance views

7) Workload distribution

8) Transparent application fail over

Performance Monitoring

1) Finding & Monitoring the Sessions

2) Session and system statistics

3) Finding and Resolving Locks across Instances

4) Cache Fusion impact & events in RAC

5) Wait events & Wait event views

6) Generating AWR Snapshots & Reports in RAC

7) Doing ADDM analysis

Backup and Recovery in RAC

1) Protecting Against Media Failure

2) Archived Log File Configurations & Conventions

3) RAC and the Flash Recovery Area

4) Oracle Recovery Manager

5) Distribution of Backups

Workshop and Case Studies

1) Single instance to RAC conversion

2) Cloning a RAC Instance

3) No archive log to Archive log conversion

4) Node addition and deletion

5) Patching RAC software and Clusterware