Microsoft dynamics ax 2012

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 worked out examples
1. Basic steps for Creating Tables, EDTs, BaseEnums, Lables Creation, Establishing Relations
between different tables, FieldGroups and Use of Indexes.
2. Form designing: various design issues, using fieldGroups in forms design, user defined controls,
How to use BaseEnum as a radio type. Use of Groups, Control Properties, various design
3. Enable\disable of various controls in form level.
4. How can we fetch the default values through SQL Query in Form level(Grid).
5. Form level methods:
Validate Write(), validate delete(), Create(), init(), initValue(),ExecuteQuery() etc
6. Table level methods:
validateWrite(), validateDelete(), validate(), fieldModified(), Display(),exist(),,,etc
7. Table level validations.
8. Form level validations.
9. BaseEnum and ComboBox combination work examples
10. Get the date difference in form level
11. Multiple record insertion according to the date difference from one form to another form
12. Dialog box creation and insert values form dialog box to table
13. Image loading in form design ( Window control )
14. How to open a dialog box through Ctrl + N
15. How to open Pdf, MS Word files in our form
16. How to shutdown AX Application through button click
17. How to get selected record in form
18. How to get the current time
19. Different types of date format styles through coding
20. Header and Line related records concept
21. Parameter validation in HRM module( Error & Warning )
22. Customization in HRM Module like adding CheckList form in Contenct pane and
Validation during changing of the record status.
23. BaseEnum & Combox type filtering
24. BaseEnum & RadioButton type filtering
25. Grid level filtering : (lookup filtering)
26. Minimum no of char validation for a particular control
27. validate only digits for string field
28. Import\Export XPO’s. Rules while importing and exporting XPO’s
29. How to import and export data form Excell sheet to AX
30. use of Task Recorder
31. Number Sequence generation
32. How to open a website through button click
33. use of MenuItems and Worked out examples
34. Dynamically adding values in Lookup through text box
35. How to use control properties in coding like dynamically set the field mandatory
36. How to convert the form as a dialog box
37. Report handling
38. Grid Records filtering through BaseEnum
39. Avoiding copy of records (disabling the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V). use of task()
40. Displaying customized message while opening the AX
41. time and date validation
42. Form splitter concept ( if we add a custom control between two grids how to handle the form
splitter control )
43. CRM Module Score Card form implementation
44. How to open form through button click (use of classFactory class).
45. Batch processing using Runbase classes.
46. Report generation by using dialog framework.
47. Journal posting through automation.
48. Duplicate record insertion validation
49. SQL database backup ,restore knowledge
50. Automatic number sequence triggering.