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Ms Dynamic CRM 365

Elements 365 is a Combination of ERP and CRM. Elements 365 is a cloud-based ERP and CRM endeavor framework. It was worked by Microsoft for most extreme adaptability and extensibility. … Elements 365 is the subsequent stage in the development of a joined ERP and CRM item.


  • Introduction about MS Dynamics CRM
  • MS CRM History
  • Why MS Dynamics CRM
  • Features of MS Dynamics CRM
  • MS CRM Version Difference
  • What is Solution
  • What is Entity and how to create entity
  • Datatypes in MS CRM
  • How to design Business Rule
  • What is calculated field
  • What is Roll Upfield
  • Types of Web Resources
  • Relationship and Behaviour
  • Salesforce Automation Process
  • What is Security Role
  • How to create Security Role
  • What is Organization
  • What is Business Unit
  • Adding Users in MS CRM and Assigning Role to them
  • Service Module Process
  • Data Import and Export
  • How to use Duplicate Detection
  • What is Auditing
  • What are Process and its types
  • How to Ribbon Workbench
  • What is Site Map and how to design
  • How to create Reports
  • How to use JavaScript
  • What is plugin
  • How to write plugin and register with MS CRM
  • What is Email router and Configuration
  • How to integrate MS CRM with Outlook
  • How to integrate MS CRM with SharePoint
  • How to integrate MS CRM with C# Asp.Net
  • Tools using for MS Dynamics CRM
  • SLA and Contracts
  • Articles

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