Spring Framework

Spring Introduction

Spring modules

Dependency injection

Spring containers (Bean Factory, Application Context)

Basic bean wiring

Bean life cycle

Spring Data Access

Using jdbc with spring

Working with Datasources,

Working with jdbctemplates,

DML operations on data

Spring web-MVC


Types of controllers

Handling web requests

Mapping requests to controllers

Handler Mappings

Processing commands, form submissions


Resolving text messages (property files)

View resolvers


Working with throw away controllers

ContextLoaderListener for loading configuration files

Aspect Oriented Programming

Join points, point cuts, advice, aspects

AspectJ syntax for AOP

AOP configuration elements

Spring Transactions

The meaning of transaction

Transaction attributes

Spring transaction management support

Choosing a transaction manger

Declarative transaction management

Spring Messaging

Messaging overview (JMS)

Using Messages with spring

Advanced Bean Wiring

Parent and child beans

Inner beans

Bean wiring with property files

Spring Web

Spring ORM




Overview of O/R mapping

Overview of Hibernate architecture

Setting up and running your first Hibernate application.

Configuring Hibernate

Hibernate configuration property file

Hibernate configuration XML file

Database dialects

Obtaining a Session Factory

User-provided JDBC connection

Using code generation tool

Using schema generation tool

Using mapping file generation tool

O/R Mapping

Overview of the mapping file

The id element and primary key

Id generation methods

Composite id

Hibernate data types

Custom value types

Mapping for collections and associations

Mapping for rich associations

Component mapping

Inheritance mapping

Manipulating and Querying Persistent Data

Persistent classes

Loading an object

Find methods

The Query interface

Performing CRUD operations

Criteria Queries

Using native SQL query

Using lifecycle and interceptor callbacks

Transactions and concurrency

The Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

The select clause

The from clause

The where clause


Aggregate functions

Sorting, grouping, etc.



Web Services :-

XML basics

Introduction of XML




DTD, XML schema and advanced schema

Introduction of DTD and XML Schema

Elements of DTD and Schema

Difference between DTD and Schema

Implement example


Introduction of SOAP and WSDL

Implement example

Parsers (SAX and DOM)

Introduction of SAX and DOM parsers

Importance of Parsers

Parser Architecture


Introduction of JAXP

Implement SAX example

Implement DOM example

Binding Frameworks(JAXB and XML Beans, JibX)

Introduction of JAXB and XML Beans

Importance of XSD

Implement example

Web services implementation using Axis framework

Introduction of Axis 1 and 2

Ant targets

Build and deploy services

Writing client program