Report Studio

Active report

Illustrating difference between Filter and Select Behaviour

Creating Acitve reports using Single and Multiple Variables

Converting exisiting reports to Active report

Creating Acitve reports using Slider Controls

Creating Acitve reports using Cascading prompt

Creating Acitve reports using Static deck

Creating Acitve reports using Data deck

Query Studio


About Adhoc Reports

Types of Reports ( List,Cross Tab,Chart and others)

Applying Filters,Prompts and calculation

Sorting, Grouping,Sections

Aggregation Functions

Custom Grouping

Analysis Studio

What is Analysis Studio

Analysis Studio interface

Creating an Chart

Limiting the Items in Analysis

Exclude the Items

Top and Bottom Values

Combine Filters


Page Breaking

Applying an Template

Example Illustraing all the Features

Event Studio

What is Event Studio

Event Studio Features

Event Studio LifeCycle Management

Create an Agent with a Single Task

An Example Illustrating the complete flow

Add an Approval Request Task

Add a Notification Request Task

Metrics Studio

Purpose of Metrics Studio

What is scorecard

Creating an Metrics Package

Score carding Models

Business Calendar settings

Creating an Scorecard

Add Reports in Metrics Studio

Modify the BI Report

Create a Strategy